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customer requirement gathering


Understand user behaviour, needs and perspectives to better empathise with the user. Understand the business needs, stakeholder goals and brand identity. (KPIs are established)

Golden ratio base design
appilcation wireframes
application Prototype wireframes


Ideate and brainstorm to bring out wireframes or clickable prototypes quickly to ensure that information is presented in the right way.

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quality assurance techniques testing


Test the prototype against the KPIs established in Emphathise phase. The results are collected and necessary changes are incorporated

style guide color theory readability ui designing high fidelity mockups
application product Designing


The Visual Experience kicks in making the app visually appealing to the users, while keeping the Brand Identity in mind.

front end developer application building software Development
UI Development


The visual elements are brought to life and are made production ready for the Engineering Team to use.


Our Process

Design is about problem-solving. In each opportunity that comes along, we endeavour to take care of issues confronted by a user or the stakeholder.

Empathise Research Analysis


In this initial phase, Attinad will help stakeholders outline the goals, business needs, target user groups et.al through Stakeholder interviews, requirements workshops, Market Research et.al which helps Attinad to empathise with the stakeholder and define the product. These points will be researched upon and will be narrowed down so as to pinpoint the exact target audience. At the same time, Market Research and Competitor Analysis will also be carried out so as to better understand the competition. The scope of the product and the users will be clear now.

Once we have our research data, we do User Interviews. User Interviews helps Attinad to Empathise with the users, understand User Behaviour, User Needs and Perspectives. We gain a lot of useful insights into the user community through this process, which will be used to create Personas, User Stories and will further strengthen the relevance of the product requirements.

prototyping Low-fidelity wireframes


With the right amount of research findings, we proceed to prototyping the product. The data points will be used to create Information Architecture and/or Primary Noun Architecture, User Journey maps, task-flow diagrams. These artefacts help in churning out Low-fidelity wireframes if the right information is presented in the right way. Low-fidelity wireframing is a quick and cheap way of creating an interactive prototype, which can be extended to the intended form-factors. As the changes can be easily made and integrated, it is always a cost-effective way of prototyping. It's fail-fast approach helps us to identify and make the necessary changes.

quality assurance testing


Low-fidelity wireframes helps to visualise pages as flows, which will give a natural feel. This enables us to test the prototype against the KPIs established in the Empathise phase. The wireframes are presented to the potential users and stakeholders. Users will be briefed about the scenarios and task-flows, post which their interaction with the prototype will be monitored closely. With the insights gained in this phase, we re-visit the prototype and make the changes. The insights gained in this phase are very valuable and its importance transcends to the coming phases.

design space


Once we have the tested and verified prototype in place, the Visual Experience is called for. Visual designs are an early form of the full-fledged product, which helps the stakeholders to understanding the look and feel of the product at a very early stage.

Visual designs are more about Experience. Designs are fine-tuned to pixel perfection. Interactions are fine-tuned so as to impart life into the designs. At Attinad, every effort is put in to deliver delightful experience to the users. Our Visual Designers create the spec needed by the engineering team to churn out pixel perfect finish for the product.

The Design Phase also provides more detailed insights to plan the further engineering activities.

software engineering


The visual elements are brought to life by the Front-End Engineering team using state of the art frameworks and technologies, at the same time ensuring that it meets the pixel perfect finish, the visual designers envisioned. Production readiness of the output is ensured before it is handed over to the Product Engineering team.

Experience Design team works with the Engineering team throughout the course of the product lifecycle to ensure that the usability criteria are met and the end product delights the consum

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